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 Why do people love Verdure? 

"I usually break out to most products. Verdure has been great for my sensitive skin." Gia N., Stanton, Calif.

"Verdure Overnight Repair Serum is AMAZING. It's worth it's weight in gold! You can't tell that I'm living in Chicago with all that cold wind and dryness that winter brings." Jessica B. , Chicago, IL

"Verdure Gentle Glycolic Cleanser cleared my acne!" Karla R. Downey, CA

"Verdure Gentle Glycolic Cleanser left my skin refreshed, I like the scent and I was surprised at how little I needed to remove my makeup.Revjuvating Masque Peel left my skin soft and smooth."  Ana Cehreci R.N., Cliffside Park, NJ

"Verdure Matte Moisturizing Physical Sunscreen with Antioxidants SPF 28 prevented my entire family from burning on our cruise to the Mediterranean. Rejuvenating Masque Peel makes my pores appear smaller. Unlike many others I have tried, it is gentle and does not irritate my skin." Sandra Lin, MD,  Baltimore, MD

"Verdure's sunscreen prevents me from burning while playing tennis. I don't even have to reapply!"  Paula Edelman, Pasadena, CA

"Since using Verdure Rejuvenating Masque Peel I've noticed a marked improvement in my skin texture as well as fine lines. I'm especially thrilled because I have very sensitive skin and I've never been able to tolerate glycolic acid. I highly recommend these products for sensitive skin!"  Stephanie Pollitz, MD, New York,  NY

"I love all the Verdure products. They are a real find." Lorna W. Minneapolis, MN

"Your products are unique and innovative." Retail Buyer, San Francisco, CA


Verdure Matte Moisturizing Mineral Sunscreen named a best rated Beach & Sport Sunscreen in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 EWG's Guide to Sunscreens

Verdure Matte Moisturizing Mineral Sunscreen wins Best of Sun Care 2017 from LNE & Spa Magazine

Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi mentioned Verdure Rejuvanating Masque Peel as a top mask for acne and aging skin in People Style Watch.

Dr. Jeanie Leddon mentions Verdure sunscreen as a great way to protect against sun on Good Day Colorado, June 2010

Pasadena Magazine lists Verdure Botanoceuticals as an Enviro-Star, giving us a green stamp of approval in its April 2009 issue.

New Beauty magazine praises Verdure Overnight Repair Serum in its DailyBeauty blog in April 2009 as a "must-have".

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Verdure Botanoceuticals

Audrey magazine featured Verdure Botanoceuticals in Audrey Beauty Kit in the December 2008/January 2009 issue. features Verdure Botanoceuticals in their weekly "What to Beauty" blog.

Lucky magazine featured Verdure Matte Moisturizing Physical Sunscreen with Antioxidants SPF 28 as one of the best new physical sunscreens in the June 2008 issue.

Allure magazine featured Verdure Matte Moisturizing Physical Sunscreen with Antioxidants SPF28 as one of the most promising new sunscreens in the May 2008 issue "Calm, Cool and Corrected" pg. 146. Other Verdure products will be discussed in a future issue of Allure on food and skin.

KoreAm magazine featured the story behind Verdure's creation in it's 18th Anniversary issue, April, 2008  "Back to Nature"

Other News...

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University discovered that broccoli extract helps fight skin cancer not only in the lab, but also when applied to human skin!

Italian researchers have shown evidence that chemical actives and preservatives in sunscreens damages coral reefs. The suspected ingredients include parabens and benzophenones (such as avobenzone, a common chemical sunscreen active). We are happy to tell you that Verdure Matte Moisturizing Physical Sunscreen lacks these ingredients and is very water-resistant, which would reduce the amount of sunscreen released in the water.